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Milling: Time and Space


Flour Mills are among the most traditional units taking into consideration the local needs and market requirement, Flour mills can be established at different levels – Domestic Flour Mills, Commercial Flour Mills, Bakery/Mini flour mills and Roller Flour mill. The most useful out of these flourmills is the flour mill on commercial levels because not only can these be established at a lower cost but is versatile as well since flour can be obtained from it for commercial purposes and it can also take up job work. This programme covers the whole work of Flour Milling Technology in Chakki Atta processes.


Flour milling has always been at the forefront of industrial technology, and utilises many of the latest industrial process techniques to produce the finished products. Modern milling is as much an art as it is a science, and there are many ways to achieve the required outcomes you can teach old ones new tricks in this business!

In a modern flour mill there is a requirement for both skilled and unskilled labour and, it would be fair to say, there is a job to suit everyone somewhere in the process.

From grain silo operators to millers to laboratory technicians to warehouse operators, there is a wide variety of work that needs to be done. Increased use of automation and control systems mean that engineering and computer skills also have their place in modern milling.

If you are interested in an exciting and rewarding career in flour milling, contact us to put you in touch with our member companies, who are always on the lookout for talented individuals who have the drive and ambition to work in a traditional but still modern industry.

There are a variety of career options open to you in the grain and flour milling industries. Below are listed a selection of jobs common to flour milling that might interest you. We have given a brief explanation of the duties and responsibilities for some of these roles as an indication of what is required.

In the field of Grain and Flour Milling Industries lot of career opportunities are available which provides you the better future. We have given a brief explanation of the jobs you get it and in that what type of duties and responsibilities for these roles. It is just an indication of what is required. Following are some jobs in the flour milling industry:




  • Production Manager
  • Shift Miller
  • Head Miller
  • Miller
  • Assistant Miller
  • Trainee Miller
  • Chakki Mill Operator
  • Laboratory Technician/Assistant
  • Emery Stone Dresser
  • Lab Assistant
  • Grain Purchaser
  • Qualified Baker/ Test Baker
  • Engineering Technician
  • Finished Goods Supervisor
  • Factory Manager
  • Forklift Driver
  • Despatch supervisor
  • Laboratory Manager/Quality Co-ordinator
  • Pre-Mix Operator
  • Packer man
  • Packing shift leader Packer
  • Food Technologist
  • Wheat Intake Operator
  • Sales/Marketing roles:
  • General Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Trade Marketing Analyst