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What are the courses offered by CSMT?

Courses offered by CSMT is all professional courses which serve a lot in milling technology

  • Basics of Chakki Flour Milling
  • Emery Stone Dressing
  • Entrepreneurship in Flour Milling
  • Mill operator courses
  • Diploma in flour milling
  • Diploma in milling and management

Why teaching facility of CSMT is different and better than other institutions?

CSMT has high profiled teachers with many years of industrial experiences, excellent study material is provided by the institute, teaching about various advances of milling technology, proper and efficient use of resources in limited time.

Teaching new technologies employed my making new ones. CSMT have well equipped with analytical laboratory for testing physical & chemical attributes of raw materials and finished products.

Our engineers have many years of experiences as our technical consultant during whole project, they provide infield training to the students to learn and understand the course more effectively.

What is the Future scope in milling technology?

In present scenarios of flour milling industries there is continuous shortage of employees and workers  at  some or all levels, most companies  in this field run a 24/7 rotating shift operation and in the face of increased global competition it is difficult to maintain a regional pool of qualified production employees, attractive experienced managerial staff to rural locals but through these training programs  and courses which are offered by CSMT we groom the skills of existing employees and workers who have lack of expertise in the field of flour milling various new automation with food safety processes are implemented in the market after the completion of these training programmes and courses lot of good employment opportunities are also open in the field of flour milling industry and these are listed below:-

  • Production manager
  • Mill operator
  • Head miller
  • Stone dresser
  • Lab assistant

Sophisticated working environment and technological advances have built a long time relationship with manufacturers and suppliers.

Will CSMT offer career services to the students and the graduates?

CSMT will provide complete infield training to the candidates and also provides Job Assistance.

Why will anyone hire you after completing your milling training from CSMT?

They will hire you because CSMT will provide you a great exposure during this training program. You will tend to take lots of responsibilities, don’t fear something not working and always willing to try or learn something new.

What personal qualities are important in this occupation?

Well organized, creative, conscientious about meeting deadlines, enjoy working with the people of different background, diplomatic when dealing with people who might be difficult sometimes able to juggle multiple tasks.

Am I required to have any bachelor's degree in the education to apply for CSMT courses?

No only senior secondary is required (from any stream)

Do I need any experience before my admission?

No, not required. We will give you the training.

Are there any online courses?

CSMT doesn’t provide online courses as the courses offered required practical training, which is not possible in online courses.

Are there any Distance Learning courses?

CSMT doesn’t have Distance Learning Courses now but soon we provide such courses.

Can I complete my education on a part time basis?

No, the candidate has to attend classes regularly.

What % in 10th and 12th is required for the enrollment in CSMT course?

Student should have atleast 50% marks.

What will be the training hours?

A proper industrial timing with fully disciplined environment will be provided to you. It will be a 6 day week and timings will be from 9 AM-5:30 PM.

Will I get any certificate after this course?

Yes. You will get the certificate after clearing the exam.

How many courses can I opt simultaneously?

You can opt only 1 course at a time.

Will there is any training test for admission in CSMT training session?

No, admissions are based on 1st come -1st served basis.