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Training Facility centre

main-banner-5[1]We have a state-of-the-art Facility centre within our premises in Ajmer. This Facility centre is a technological marvel with test facilities for grain processing industry and is an ideal place to see, examine, feel and decide for optimal feasibility of the scope of modern Milling products. With a range of machines, an automation and control system, the plant also serves as an in-house Training School for hands-on training. The CSMT Facility Centre provides hands-on working and operating with machines allowing to understand intake, conveying, cleaning, grading, and milling.

The facilities at Facility Centre:

  • Intake and cleaning section
  • Silo Selection
  • Blending
  • Water Dampening and Conditioning
  • Digital Atta milling
  • Sifting
  • Packing
  • Other
  • Pulses cleaning, grading
  • Spice Grinding
  • Food safety lab
  • Facility for training of customers’ operators and managers.

Cleaning and grading

The quality begins from cleaning section. Cleaning sections offers best possible solutions to utilize the valuable raw materials in the best possible way.

Product trials

Conducting product trials at Facility Centre is like “seeing is believing” experience. Customers walking in with valuable commodities like grains, pulses, and spices can conduct their own trials guided by expert technologist to find suitable process, technology and performance of the machines before making investment decisions. Thus, the combination of customers,
Choyal technologists and experts conducting tests and investigations together leading to customized development of new products, while observing strict confidentiality, and process according to specific requirements observing strict confidentiality.

Plant control system

2-6[1]The Choyal’s highly interface able and interactive plant control system Miller Lite is a state-of-the-art, powerful control concept tailored to the specific needs of the food processing industry. The basic system includes all the essential functionalities such as a process monitoring, powerful database system, user management, product and bin management, remote access, alarm and event logger, job entry format and control.

We provide comprehensive pilot trials in order to test your unique product ideas using a wide range of machinery. At Choyal, we are confident that our valued customers will benefit from our expertise, knowledge and test facilities.

The process logics for operating the plant in automatic, semi automatic and service mode, as well as an extensive process monitoring with the associated alarm handling are part of the basic system. Efficient remote diagnosis and maintenance, but also remote operating of the control system is possible via internet and other state of art IT-functionalities. Customer can have hands-on experience of latest Miller Lite control system at Facility Centre along with complete view of quality built glass paneled control panel revealing functioning of each and every component including variable frequency drives.

Production planning

The customer’s business management system with processes information such as accounting, inventory management, orders and jobs, etc., always serve as the information basis for a company. Production data and jobs for the individual units can be transferred from and to Miller Lite system.

Production control

Each production unit is provided with a production control system. Its visualization system provides an overview of the production unit, and its data processing system allows this production unit to be planned and processed.

Mill visits

Visit to the mill gives different experiences. For customers intending for new installation, it is the ideal place to view and build their dream plants. For personnel undergoing product trials, it is fun and unforgettable experience to play with machines and to see the instant results.

Mill operators undergoing trainings get the most ideal operating atmosphere to set the machines and parameters for obtaining best possible results at optimum operating conditions.