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How to reach Choyal School of Milling Technology, Ajmer

By Train – Ajmer junction railway station lies on the Delhi-Mumbai railway line and is well connected to several cities in India like Delhi (Chetak Express), Kolkata (AII SDAH Express), Mumbai (Aravalli Express), Allahabad (AII SDAH Express) and Lucknow (BSB Express). There are various superfast, express, passenger and mail trains which arrive and depart from the city at regular intervals

By Air – The nearest airport to Ajmer is the Jaipur Airport, which is about 132 km from Ajmer. Airport to Ajmer city well connected by Road Transport,. Jaipur airport is connected to metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi and the price of the tickets is moderate.

By Road – The city is connected with all major cities of Rajasthan by a vast and well maintained network of roads and hence, it is easily accessible by road. The capital of the state, Jaipur is located at a distance of around 135 km from Ajmer Frequent bus service is available from Delhi (391 Km), Ahmadabad (525 Km), Udaipur (163 Km), Jodhpur (205 Km), Bikaner (233 Km) and many others cities to Ajmer. There are good services of Buses and Cabs available. Direct bus from Ajmer to Delhi and nearby cities are easily available.