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Course Structure

CSMT offers two types of Courses on Regular basis with Practical Training Programmes
(a) Certificate Courses
(b) Diploma Courses


  • Flour Milling Course
  • Mill Operator Course
  • Residential Milling Technology Course


  • Diploma in Production of Value Added Products from Cereals
  • Advanced Milling Diploma
  • Diploma course in milling and management

CSMT also offers Correspondence Courses in Flour Milling.

CSMT offers 7 different correspondence Courses in Flour Milling. These COURSES are ABOUT TO BE LAUNCHED SOON

  • Hygiene Health & Safety
  • Wheat and the Screen Room
  • Mill Processes and Performance
  • Materials Handling, Storage and Distribution
  • Flour
  • Power and Automation
  • Flour Milling Management