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About CSMT

CSMT (Choyal School of Milling Technology) is under the guidance of SVIPL (Shri Vishvakarma (Emery Stones) Industries Pvt. Ltd. The organization is an ISO 9001-2000 accredited in the field of Manufacturing & Exports  from 1966 and is aimed at promoting purposeful skill oriented technical education for the youth in India. The organization implements its programme of technical training through its training centre and on – job training in production centre located in Arjunpura, District Ajmer (Raj.) The institute offers various courses to cover a wide spectrum of technical manpower through Certificate & Diploma courses.

The Certificate & Diploma courses offered by CSMT are well recognised and accepted by Milling Industries & Institutes in India for employment and higher education purposes in milling industry.  CSMT is the epitome of excellence in quality of education. We provide not only quality education & training but  help our students & field persons to design  their career embedded with the ethical values.

Training facilities in the above fields calls for sophisticated machinery and equipment to keep pace with the developments elsewhere in the world. It also demands a team of teaching staff who have acquired theoretical and practical knowledge to equip the trainees to act independently and to lead a team on the shop floor. CSMT has thoughtfully built up its faculty and training facilities to ensure that these qualities are maintained for imparting technical training to the youth.

CSMT believes in TQM philosophy. This belief is evident in the procedures adopted by the company for ensuring quality before and after manufacture. High precision equipments ensure thorough checking of the components.


Choyal School of Milling Technology is a CSR activity of Shri Vishvakarma (Emery Stones) Industries Pvt. Ltd. We believe that what we take from society has to be given back. Therefore, CSMT is a school for Professionals as well as freshers. CSMT is run on a No profit – No loss basis. We have special courses for the local unemployed youth to train them and make them employable. We consider this as our contribution to remove unemployment and make our society a better place to live in.


  • India’s first school dedicated to “Chakki Milling”
  • We offer you an unrivalled range of qualifications in almost all industry aspects.
  • Backing of 51 years of experience in Manufacturing Flour Mills & Emery Stones.
  • A Global benchmark for Excellence.
  • Integrity and Quality of assessment.
  • World class machinery and state of the art equipment.
  • Front line technology, updated manufacturing processes and excellently trained human resource are the major strength.
  • Research & Development is our Highest Priority & Consideration.
  • The only school in India dedicated to Digital Chakki Milling


  • The courses provide participants with the background to effectively integrate their job function into the goals of their
  • The courses enhance participant’s understanding of the chakki milling process empowering them to make better decisions relative to grain and flour.
  • The courses provide the tools, language and understanding to communicate your company’s needs effectively when dealing with suppliers or customers.
  • The training empowers employees to be better problem solvers by giving them the tools to better define improvement opportunities, evaluate potential solutions and make recommendations based on an understanding of milling principles and sound evaluation methods balancing technical and economic considerations.



PROGRESSION: Our qualification offers a clear progression path for learners. We offer qualification     with practical knowledge because we are involved with this industry from last 51 years and we have achieved highest professional standards in this field.

PORTABILITY: Our qualification act as a benchmark for skills globally. Which means whatever learners learn here, they can use this experience to find out employment anywhere in globe.

ASPIRATIONS: Every learner has hopes and dreams for their career. Our courses provide the skills to the people that will help equip them to reach their goals of getting a job, winning a promotion or growing their own business.

ASSOCIATION: Well recognized and courses associated with MDS University, Ajmer and many more.

EMPLOYABILITY: Because we develop the skills of our students with the help of industry experts and at relevant work place. Our qualification certificate equips the students and trainees for doing a real job benefiting them and their employer.